5 reasons why the Medicare rebate freeze is bad policy

As we speak, around Australia GP practices are increasing their fees…

What health consumers want: interview with Leanne Wells

Health consumerism around the world is changing, says the new CEO of the Consumers Health Forum.

Top Australian GP Bloggers 2015

The 2015 list of amazing Australian GP Bloggers.

The Danish health IT solution: small-scale brilliance

GP Daniel Byrne explains why Denmark is one of the world leaders in the use e-health.

Is this the e-health breakthrough we’ve been waiting for?

The Australian Government is considering major legislative changes to the PCEHR.

Warning: digital challenges ahead

Is Australia ready for the new digital technologies in healthcare?

Your GP and Dr Google: a good team

A list of trustworthy websites containing useful general information about common health problems

A painful topic: what doctors need to know (according to patients)

Doctors beware: don’t expect flattery…

The video that made doctors cry

The ‘good GP’ awareness campaign video has touched the hearts of many doctors.

Why doctors should work closer with patient organisations

We must harness the potential power of the patient–doctor alliance to protect what’s good in health care.

5 questions to ask your doctor (before you get any test or treatment)

I’d encourage everyone to ask these questions.

Can pharmacists and doctors work together? YES WE CAN!

The pharmacist in general practice: pros and cons of a new model.

Unfreeze the freeze: A storm is coming

Dark clouds are gathering as the frustration about the patient Medicare rebate freeze rises.

Don’t go to your doctor – Minister Ley wants you to see the pharmacist instead

The world upside down? Visits to the doctor will become more expensive, whereas pharmacies will deal with health problems.

Why the ‘You’ve been targeted’ campaign against the co-payment was so successful

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.


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