The rise of low cost medical tech

Low-cost open source medical technology has the potential to disrupt the healthcare IT industry.

Doctors discuss their own care on Twitter

Just when I thought I had seen it all, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners organised its first twitter chat for GPs.

How safe is the patient safety net?

When co-payments for medications increase, more people stop their treatment

7 simple strategies to avoid e-health disasters

An insider’s look in the health IT industry, and 7 tips to avoid disappointment when implementing software.

Why doctors run late: 12 red tape challenges

Australia is not making good use of its medical workforce as doctors are drowning in red tape.

UK doctors in Australia – Why they won’t be going home any time soon

About 1,500 UK doctors move to Australia and New Zealand each year, and it seems they have good reasons not to go back.

The looming war between pharmacists and doctors

The Pharmacy Guild’s strategy will create a backlash and in the end nobody will be better off.

Health is defence – Universal care vs ‘user pays’

Universal healthcare vs a ‘user pays’ system – according to Gold Coast GP Dr Andrew Rees.

6 key conditions that must be met before private health funds can engage with general practice

Private health insurers should be kept at arm’s length.

What the Dutch can teach us about private health insurance in general practice

The Netherlands is topping the international healthcare charts. Here’s how the Dutch did it…

Finally some common sense on health reform

Liberal MP Mal Brough: “This must be a debate about improving the health of the nation, not on cost cutting or shifting.”

5 little-known reasons why pharmacists should not be playing doctor

Here are 5 reasons why role and task substitution by pharmacists will fail.

Please don’t ruin our holiday again, Tony

Before Christmas – just as I was about to pack my suitcase – the Prime Minister dropped a bomb.

Fight back (video)

Sign the petition to stand up and show the Government that your health, that of your families, and a viable healthcare system matters most.

Looking after asylum seekers – who is crossing the line?

The boats have stopped, but global humanitarian crises haven’t. Is Australia taking its responsibilities?


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