5 business tips for doctors

Take control of your business and get the best outcome for your practice and patients.

How one GP gives his patients access to their electronic health records (interview)

Around the world there are several projects going that allow patients to get access to their records, and UK Doctor Amir Hannan is one of the trail blazers.

How to get doctors to use eHealth

There is the perception that doctors are resistant to change, such as the introduction of eHealth in their practices. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Co-payments, and why they’re not always appropriate

Although there’s nothing wrong with co-payments in general, some groups should be excluded from paying co-payments when they visit their healthcare providers. Co-payments are not always appropriate.

10 tips to stay healthy on a cruise (slideshow)

10 travel health tips to reduce the risk of becoming unwell during or after your cruise holiday

Doctors get sick too

News about scientific discoveries and new medical treatments gives us hope. Hope that one day, we may be able to live without suffering. But it also creates false expectations.

Should consumers have online access to their health records?

Online access to electronic health records will boost transparency. It will change the interaction between consumers and practitioners and may improve quality of care.

Can health consumers trust us with their private data?

“Cybercrime is a systemic risk and is potentially the next black swan event.” Advancing technology in healthcare is exciting but creates challenges at the same time.

Participatory healthcare has only just begun

Imagine you’re at a friend’s party in your neighbourhood. You recognise a few of your patients. As you join the conversation you continuously blurt out phrases like: “Make sure you vaccinate your kids,” “Our practice has opened a skin [...]
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Is the new eRx electronic prescription service beneficial to consumers?

About ten years ago I did a locum in an innovative GP practice in The Netherlands. When prescribing medications, the computer system allowed me to either print the script and hand it to my patient, or send it electronically to the pharmacy. Consumers who [...]
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Is your organisation ready for social media?

This article appeared in MDA’s Defence Update in April 2014. Original title: ‘Social media in modern medicine’. Is social media a help or a hindrance in modern medicine? Dr Edwin Kruys, a GP from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, provides a [...]
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Cutting red tape in healthcare: how you can help

Years ago I did a locum in a rural town. As the town’s only doctor went on holiday for a week, I was supposed to look after the hospital and the adjacent GP practice.  On the first day, just as I was applying a plaster cast to a farmer’s broken [...]
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Learning to sleep again (without pills)

Sleep problems are common and unhealthy too. Lack of sleep impacts on alertness, cognition, productivity, safety, learning and our mood. It is associated with hypertension and depression. Up to one-third of the Australian population has sleep-associated [...]
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Why blocking social media is not the answer

  I am a strong proponent of open access to social media. I feel the decision to block staff access to e.g. LinkedIn or YouTube is often ill-advised, and it’s not beneficial to organisations in the long run. Many times I’ve heard the [...]
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What really matters – Inspiring life lessons

Dying is an intense sad process, but there is another side to it as well: people often take the opportunity to reflect. As a doctor I have the privilege to talk to people who are nearing the end of their lives. A while back I asked one of my wonderful [...]
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