Why the ‘You’ve been targeted’ campaign against the co-payment was so successful

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

The e-health challenge: An interview with NEHTA Chair Dr Steve Hambleton

I had the privilege to speak with the Chairman of the NEHTA Board about the e-health challenge.

Melbourne 16 May 2015: Unique healthcare social media event

I’m very pleased and honoured to give away some of my best blogging tips and secrets at the Medicine Social Event.

Rebooting the PCEHR: Opt-out and a new name are not enough

Although I like the word ‘rebooted’, many questions remain.

Aboriginal over-incarceration: After more than 200 years, let’s try our approach

I spoke to Summer May Finlay, a Yorta Yorta woman, about addressing Aboriginal over-imprisonment.

Spotlight on wellness warriors: What you need to know

Although I understand the power of hope in life & death, it sometimes comes at a cost.

Should health professionals discuss patients online? (poll)

Take the poll now!

3 topical examples confirming why health professionals should be online

We need more health professionals promoting reliable information in the online space to counterbalance untrustworthy health messages.

An unusual ANZAC story: How my grandfather evacuated Australian troops from Timor

A remarkable WWII navy mission that changed the way I think about ANZAC day.

Here is an opportunity for the Government to develop a real health policy

The new RACGP vision reflects the increasing focus on chronic disease management, while still rewarding acute care.

It’s time we cut all this red tape ourselves

My call to action to colleagues, the colleges and the AMA is simple: please make things easier for all parties involved.

The no. 1 blogging tip you should always keep in mind

The one thing that determines success in blogging…

Why doctors still can’t email your health record

Secure electronic transfer of medical records between practices has become an urgent national priority.

The untapped power of the patient-doctor alliance

Jen Morris: If doctors and patients can present a united front, the weight of political force will rest with us.

If you’re interested in health apps, you may find Physitrack useful

A smartphone app that allows health providers to prescribe over 1,000 clearly narrated exercise videos.


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