Live your dreams (don’t wait until tomorrow)

Live your dreams

Over the years I’ve known several people who became ill shortly after their retirement. I remember one hardworking business man who suddenly died after he signed off. He left his wife behind with the tickets for their world trip.

My personal motto is Live your dreams. Our emigration to Australia was part of our dream. My wife and I feel privileged that we have been able to find a place on earth where we are truly happy. I teach my kids to do what they love and to enjoy the journey.

It’s a recurring theme in discussions with patients: how to give passion a place in your life, now, not later. It is easy to do and can be as simple as blocking off a few designated hours every week.

But sometimes I forget. It’s easy to lose myself in daily routines, busy schedules and tight deadlines. The day-to day-business sometimes seems more important that my dreams. There are always plenty of reasons why not to do something I’m passionate about.

So I remind myself, like some businesses do by writing their mission and vision on the wall. My motto appears when I switch on my iPhone (see image).

Make that change in your life that makes you happier and healthier. Take up your old hobby again. Organise the trip you’ve been dreaming about. Whatever it is: start today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

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