4 things to look for in a practice manager

Running a private general practice, big or small, is business. When great managers are running our practices, we can do what we do best: looking after our patients.

Here’s what to look for in a practice manager.

#1: Business experience

Contrary to common belief, a background in health care is not necessarily an advantage. A manager who has run a business before, and has made all the mistakes (and hopefully learned from them) is more important. Good managers will quickly pick up the specifics of a new industry.

#2: People skills

A manager who looks after staff, doctors and patients is priceless. Listening skills and a genuine interest in people is just as important as being able to make tough decisions if necessary. A good manager brings out the best in others.

#3: Financial skills

In the end the numbers need to add up and investments should pay off. The practice manager must be able to set and review annual budgets, interpret and explain profit & loss statements and initiate corrective actions.

#4: Understanding IT

General practice has definitely entered into the digital age and a basic understanding of IT, software, cloud computing and social media is important.

Never think you won’t be able to find the right manager. There’s a lot of talent out there. Don’t compromise and aim for quality.

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