PCEHR poll shows what we already know

The results of an online poll by Australian Doctor Magazine tell us again what we already know: Doctors are not prepared to engage with the current version of the eHealth-record system (PCEHR). It’s unfortunate that one year after the official launch not much has changed. Clinicians have made many suggestions to the government to improve the system, but it seems the feedback has fallen on deaf ears.

The poll shows that almost sixty percent of GPs will not take part in the PCEHR. So much for the billion dollar investment….

PCEHR poll

2 thoughts on “PCEHR poll shows what we already know

  1. PCEHR is an embryonic risk management tool.
    Your choice as a clinician
    My choice as a patient.
    I would not attend any practice that was not participating in the PCEHR as I would consider the practice a risk in clinical information management.
    A shared ehealth summary I believe should contain vital clinical information that another practitioner may require when treating an unknown or out of time patient.
    A shared health summary should not contain sensitive information, unless it has clinical relevance that the regular doctor thinks should be shared. If the patient disagrees this invalidates the record, noted non participation on the record and reason for such documented
    on the shared ehealth summary. “invalid due to pt requested omitted clinical information”.
    Stand alone eHealth, patient records, pathology, imaging, prescribing share the same if not more security risks of being hacked for “sensitive information”.
    What is to stop any stand alone clinic from being hacked and the “sensitive” information being
    extracted at a hackers leisure and pleasure?
    My pathology and imaging results are already on-line downloaded onto stand alone GP server
    how secure is that?
    As an accredited practice at least 70% of practice patients have a health summary, I prefer that my important clinical data does not sit on a stand alone computer / server in GP land because of fear but is populated and sent to the eHealth repository.


    • Thanks Jackson, good points.
      The shared health summary is one of many elements of the PCEHR, and security is one of many issues.
      I agree that sharing health information electronically offers benefits to consumers & clinicians.


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