Self confident career planning… a short guide

Dr Jocelyn Lowinger gives us valuable tips about realising our dreams. Great post!


A better way:

What would it be like to get up everyday excited to go to work?

Careers and work are important activities. Most of us need to work throughout our lives. And if we work full time it’s likely to be 40 hours plus a week we spend working. That’s a huge chunk of our waking lives.

Yet how many of us are truly happy at work or find meaning at work?  How many of us get distracted from our dreams and settle for second or third best? How many of us go to work bored and uninspired, wishing things could be different and more exciting? How many of us have a real plan for our careers anyway? Maybe it’s time to find a better way.

Finding self confidence:

Like learning to walk, successful career planning and reaching our career goals takes self confidence, self belief and plenty of persistence. And some…

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