NEHTA is coming to town

“Be a yardstick of quality” ~ Steve Jobs.

First of all, many thanks to the GPs, registrars, practice managers, journos and eHealth-specialists who made suggestions how to move the eHealth-records system forward.

The original comments can be found here. It’s an excellent read and summarises the sticky PCEHR-issues from a clinician point of view.

On Friday afternoon I received a phone call from NEHTA (National E-Health Transition Authority). Their clinical leads are coming to Geraldton to discuss the PCEHR. Our team of doctors and managers is getting ready. We have invited the AMA, and they’re flying in to Geraldton as well.

It will be good to hear first-hand why it is so hard to make the system more acceptable to clinicians – and for our clinical team to give feedback. But the main question is: will NEHTA and the Department of Health go back to the drawing board and change what needs to be changed to get clinicians on board?

It’s late, but hopefully not too late to make the PCEHR work for everybody. If there’s anything you want us to bring up (apart from the wish list mentioned above), feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll pass it on.

5 thoughts on “NEHTA is coming to town

  • Rii-iight. So NEHTA are going to fly-drive to Geraldton for 1:1 counselling?

    Send ’em to me next.

    Seriously. Couldnt they videoconference?

    But wouldnt they be better addressing ALL of our concerns via fora such as this, just4docs, AustralianDoctor mag etc? Not swamping one practice?

    I do hope that you will be able to put the Qs to them – and get meaningful responses, not parenthood statements.


  • Good work, it sounds as though you might get listened to. A lot of the privacy issues have been looked at in the UK by the BMA, but the government there just steamrollered plans through, resulting in a defective system. The same mistakes are being made here….I would be happy to help but still not caught up with everything. I was a member of the BM/RCGP joint IT committee


  • Hi Tim
    The Summary Care Record is a brief summary of drugs and allergies, with implied consent. Patients can upload detailed stuff with explicit consent. Still using the central database model but not getting much usage despite creating 20 million records.
    The big issue is the UK government legislated to allow themselves to make detailed extractions from all patient records without consent (GPES the GP extraction service) It shows the true colours of our political leaders – they have lost interest in the usefulness of a shared record when they worked out they could get all the data they needed in other ways. It seems very difficult for patients to opt out and impossible for practices. Coming to Australia soon I expect


  • So, basically the info there is limited (basic drugs, allergies, not PMHx or detailed notes) as a result of user concerns about Govt data mining?

    And we want to go down the same path?

    What, exactly, is the problem that PCEHR is trying to solve?

    Better to strengthen links between hospital and primary care and encourage better communication.

    What is wrong with a fax? Email? Old fashioned letter? Patient carrying their own file (which would also work prehospital in the rural farmhouse, or in remote Oz where no internet).


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