PCEHR: Who is the customer? (slideshow)

PCEHR: Who is the customer?When starting up a project, service or business, an important question is: Who is the customer? This is not always the one who pays the bills. There may be other users or stakeholders. I’ve said it before: Everybody has to be on the same page for a project to be successful.

I’m not sure who the customer is in the case of the PCEHR. At first glance this seems to be the health consumer, as they have some control – unlike clinicians. Most GPs agree on one thing: the current PCEHR is not making their jobs easier or adding value. Are they customers too? Are there others?

Key to success?

Adding more features without reviewing the basic principles of the PCEHR-framework, is not going to make the problems go away. In the slideshow I’ve tried to capture the issues and some suggestions for improvement based on the feedback from doctors. Have a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to share, download or embed the presentation (view the slideshow on SlideShare).

5 thoughts on “PCEHR: Who is the customer? (slideshow)

  • I have been curious about the response to the government PCEHR. Your presentation conveys the sentiment toward toward the PCEHR. A Hierarchy putting its own interests first?

    You may found the presentation ‘Health Wisdom: Wisdom Networks crowd create patient-centric healthcare’ interesting. It’s an open source, cheap (relatively), distributed, patient-centric, clinician-centric approach to health service delivery. http://is.gd/wnccph


    • Thanks for your comments Marcus. I’m all for transparency and giving consumers ownership of their care. Access to shared health care records is important & useful for many reasons. My point is that if we don’t give doctors (or any professional) the right tools they will not use them, deliver a poor product/service or stop delivering services all together. Thats in nobody’s interest. I believe that patient centred care needs a clinician centred eHealth record.
      I’m not very familiar with wisdom networks but I am with social media. Our practice had one of the first Facebook pages in Australia, which worked great for a while to improve contact with our patients and to receive customer feedback. Unfortunately more & more government regulation including potential penalties for health care providers stops us from growing the network further.


      • This is not the appropriate place for an exhaustive description of Wisdom Networks. In brief, the hierarchy was the tool we needed and used in the 1900’s (centralised structures). In the future, we will organise just like Facebook (ie distributed structures or wisdom networks). Facebook organises social things into a book and shares them with everyone. A Wisdom Network does that for the rest of society. Health Wisdom does it for health care.

        The problems in health care today derive from the hierarchy that wants opaque, centralised and power. The solution for health care is a structure that is distributed and provides wisdom (knowledge and action) everywhere including when patient and clinician interact either physically or virtually. Health needs to be executed in real-time amongst doctors, patients and nurses. A hierarchy does not deliver services – people do. With a distributed structure, neither patient or clinician are centre – they both share the same “book”. We need to move a society based on two elements (data and information) and put all six elements in cloud. The tools must include a broader feature to allow knowledge everywhere and a focus on outcomes (not the process required by hierarchies).


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