I received this email from a colleague today

Waiting room“Accreditation, afterhours health phone lines, medicare locals probably even superclinics all thrust on us with no evidence they make any difference to health outcomes, and costing huge amounts of taxpayers money. In the case of accreditation a lot of a small business’ money , time and resources.

Mmmm, I have always believed that general practice is the cornerstone of a good health system. But it feels like we are under supported everywhere- by the RACGP who thrusts accreditation upon us; government – with dwindling PIP payments (that we are actually dependent on to make a profit and which can be taken away or changed at any moment), medicare locals (who end up actually competing with us for market share), freezing medicare rebates, PCEHR; and GPET who makes unreasonable demands upon us to have the pleasure of training registrars! I am even coming to the conclusion that there is a sad future in general practice and considering my long-term options. And I have always been a passionate believer in general practice.

Edwin, I understand that you are meeting with Melissa Price. I think it is important that you convey to her that extensions to the public hospital are not the only important health issue in the region. I really believe that general practice is getting to crisis point, especially with medicare rebate freezing. I also think that aged care funding eg for running aged care facilities and funding for keeping people in the community are important issues.”

It is clear, something needs to change. The amount of bureaucracy, regulation and red tape haven’t done general practice or our patients any good. Hopefully the much needed change will start this Saturday.

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