How to get doctors to use eHealth

How to get doctors to use eHealth

Although doctors are in the top three of most trusted professions, they also have a conservative image.There is the perception that doctors are resistant to change, such as the introduction of eHealth in their practices.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Doctors are used to change. Medicine and healthcare are areas where new developments happen on an almost daily basis.

However, just because something is new, doesn’t mean it’s better. Many doctors have learned this the hard way. That’s why we need to be convinced before we change our current practices. Not with arguments but with evidence.

It’s best to try a new idea out on a small scale. Prove that a product or service has benefits to patients and doctors – but no major disadvantages – and we will consider it.

3 thoughts on “How to get doctors to use eHealth

  • I like the idea of the #PCEHR however it takes about 2 minutes longer to load a #ehealth discharge summary compared to my usual results. I know I’m impatient and busy when 2 mins watching the screen load gets me irritated.
    Secondly, I found out that without an email address my elderly patients can’t have a #PCEHR! Doesn’t make sense to me. An elderly couple wanted one (mostly to have their NFR order made more public) but they don’t have a computer, so we worked on it together – to a point, but we could’t complete it without an email address! Fatal flaw, if you ask me!


  • Very good comment made Dr Edwin, i agree that doctors are not generally resistant to change and new technology but its actually the lack of trust that they have experienced with PCEHR, stoping doctors to believe in it.


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