The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now


“Doctor can I talk to you about something else?”


“…what do you mean?”

“It’s not allowed. We have just finished your care plan. The government does not want me to see you for something else on the same day. They call it double dipping. Please come back tomorrow. The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now.”

Further reading: Budget 2013-14: Medicare Benefits Scheme – removing double billing

9 thoughts on “The receptionist will call the wheelchair taxi for you now

  • That’s ridiculous!
    The majority of patients save something up for when they go in for their care plan knowing that extra service will be bulk billed.
    Now we have be the “money hungry” ogres who have to say to come back for an appt and, while you’re at it, don’t forget to bring enough money for the co-payment 😦

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  • This Health Minister has learnt nothing and GPs, their practices and patients will suffer while he continues to listen to poor advice!

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  • As compared to seeing a State Employed Specialist Registrars who run clinics at our public hospitals and where the hospital insist on a referral to a Consultant. The patient may never see the Consultant yet Medicare is bulkbilled for the consult – now that is what I would call TRUE double dipping

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  • The joys of socialised medicine! I guess this is not a problem in practices that don’t bulk bill. My wife recently went to our GP (who doesn’t bulk bill), and after the main consult, asked about another issue – an hour later, she walked out, feeling sheepish as other patients were waiting (along with our 2 kids), but feeling much better for having got the issues off her chest.
    Is there a balance here?


    • I wonder how one would be paid for preventative health measures were it not for universal health care.
      Very few of the patients I deal with would be willing to have care plans if they had to pay for it and I’d imagine very few insurance companies would embrace them.


  • The “issues” by the way, were about being bullied by the Practice Manager at the clinic where she contracts….now that clinic is bringing in an AMA “expert” to facilitate some staff bonding!


  • Everyone Is asking for patient centred care and rightly so. How stopping patients being able to access rebates for genuine services delivered on the same day for patient convenience could be in anybody’s interests is beyond me.

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