The Dutton promise

The Dutton promise

The quotes below are taken from a speech by the Hon Peter Dutton MP, addressed to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Conference in Hobart, 2011.

“Today I want to announce a priority of the first Abbott Government will be to re-build general practice. To restore respect to general practice after four years of Labor’s attempts to undermine our country’s 23,000 general practitioners.”

“So today I want to start a debate again, this time around general practice. The Government does need to be goaded into further support of GP’s and to rethink their attacks on general practice. The fundamental pillar of our health system is our doctor and in particular our GP. I said this in my very first speech in this portfolio. With the might of Government we should be working to build on this strength, not to be pulling it down.”

“As the most common health system interaction for patients, providing nearly 120 million services each year, general practice is ideally placed to address the future burden facing our health system from demographic changes and chronic disease. The management of lifestyle and chronic disease is going to require all hands on deck. We all know that we need to do more successive interventions before patients reach hospitals if we are to have any chance of alleviating the growing burden on our health system.”

“Building up remuneration, addressing scope of practice, supporting training and genuinely strengthening general practice must be the first steps we take to making general practice the first choice for our graduates.”

“Governments should work with general practice to ensure the right resources are being provided in the most productive ways, without increasing the bureaucratic burden, without stifling innovation or becoming a competitor in the provision of services.”

“So with one eye on the history and one eye on the future, I hope that we can work together to rebuild general practice, to again turn a job into a noble vocation.”

“Doctors and patients across our great country deserve nothing less.”


2 thoughts on “The Dutton promise

  • Q: How do you know when a politician is lying?
    A: His/her lips are moving!

    These venal people will say/do anything to cling to power (of whatever political ilk). Ergo it is not the concerns of greedy doctors that will cause a policy change – it must come from dissatisfied patients who will vent their ire at the next election.

    Tough though it is, doctors MUST pass on the costs of :

    • loss of income through the reduced rebate
    • loss of income through short consults (particularly PN/wound review/INRs/bloods etc)
    • the cost of chasing the money via increased administration burden.

    I foresee gaps of at least $15 for even the simplest consult, rising rapidly to gaps of $50-75 for a standard consult.

    It’s a “courageous” decision by Mr Dutton to pursue this policy. The patients/voters won’t like it.


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