9 thoughts on “E-health warning: cliff edge ahead

  • I believe the PCEHR is an idea whose time has already come and gone.
    Information technology has now progressed to the point where a combination of cloud based technologies and secure instantaneous information transmission systems like Medical Objects can provide superior, trustworthy and secure patient information in a timely fashion and in a manner health professionals are prepared to trust and participate. All these can be done at a much lower cost to government, the health industry and taxpayers unlike the enormously costly PCEHR

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    • Agreed Evan. We’ll be able to use the national eHealth infrastructure that has been built but the PCEHR itself will be outdated by the time the opt-out trials have finished. Smaller, local projects between providers will be the future.

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    • But are we really comfortable that cloud based solutions are any safer than the PCEHR or less likely to be data-mined by others?


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    Some good thoughts from Dr Kruys. The vast majority of GPs are employees or contractors and with a lack of clinical or financial gain they have no interest in this. The big losers are Practice Owners


  • Yet further proof that government should not be running large scale infrastructure or health projects. Cloud is more secure than the average clinic IT system, in my opinion, and given the recent virus at Melbourne Health, more secure than most government run hospital systems.


  • I know there’s a lot happening behind the scenes that I don’t quite understand, but, as a patient, could I just have access to data that’s held about me, please? My GP practice always seems so reluctant to share it, and it’s hard to take control of my own health when I don’t have all the information.

    All this talk about government audits, finance and insurance companies – what about the patient? Surely that’s the incentive for GPs to upload summaries.

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