10 podcasts for GPs (and their patients)

10 podcasts for GPs

I really enjoy podcasts. There is something appealing about listening to people’s stories via the cloud – and at a convenient time and place. I usually listen on the way to work.

Apparently Australia is the fourth largest consumer of podcasts in the world. In 2014 I posted 6 great podcasts for primary care, one of the most visited articles on this blog. As podcasting seems to be more popular then ever and new podcasts for family doctors have been launched since my last post, it is time for an update.

So here is my top 10. Many podcasts are suitable for a wider audience. Click on the iTunes or SoundCloud logo to listen, and feel free to share your favourites in the comments section.

And of course, a big thank you to all podcasters.

#1: The Good GP

Named after the successful RACGP media campaign, The Good GP is a new ‘education podcast for busy GPs’, hosted by Western Australian GPs Dr Tim Koh and Dr Sean Stevens, in collaboration with RACGP WA.

The Good GPAs the podcasts by the AFP stopped a few years ago, Tim and Sean felt there was a place for a conversational podcast covering GP education and learning.

Guests are GPs or specialists and a range of topics is covered, for example: why Australia’s doctors are passionately fighting for Medicare, the future of general practice, anaphylaxis, iron infusions and baclofen treatment for alcohol addiction. 

Download this podcast on iTunesDownload this podcast from SoundCloud

#2: GP Sceptics

GP ScepticsDr Justin Coleman and Dr Liz Sturgiss team up to ‘dissect, analyse and sometimes trash’ medical research relevant to GPs in this new podcast.

Justin is a Brisbane GP and Liz works as GP and lecturer in General Practice at the ANU College of Medicine in Canberra. A common theme in their broadcasts is the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and other big corporates on doctors and our health.

Liz and Justin have a good sense of humour and recommend their podcast to ‘sceptical clinicians and their patients’.

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#3: The Medical Journal of Australia

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) needs no introduction. Listen to interviews with leading health professionals and authors of MJA articles.

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#4: Broomedocs Podcast

Broome GP & emergency doctor Casey Parker has been podcasting since 2012. He discusses topics related to emergency medicine and (procedural) general practice . In the Broomedocs journal club relevant research studies are critically appraised, often with guests.

Download this podcast on iTunes

#5: The Health Report

The Health ReportThe Health Report by Norman Swan and other ABC reporters features health topics such as ‘fishy fish oil’, insomnia, asthma, chiropractic controversies, the cranberry myth and lyme disease. Often several national and international guest discuss various topics in one episode.

Download this podcast on iTunes

#6: Bits and Bumps

Dr Penny Wilson, a GP Obstetrician from Western Australia, and Dr Marlene Pearce, a GP from Queensland, have been producing this obstetrics & gynaecology podcast, discussing common women’s health topics and dilemmas encountered in general practice, emergency and procedural obstetrics.

Download this podcast on iTunes

#7: BS without the BS

Best Science Medicine PodcastThe Best Science (BS) medicine podcast is a Canadian show which critically examines the evidence behind commons drug therapies. GP and associate professor Michael Allan and professor James McCormack present many myth busters and topics relevant to general practice, such as the treatment of back pain, osteoporosis and common cold.

Download this podcast on iTunes

#8: Inside Health 

A BBC podcast discussing several topics per episode with UK GP Dr Mark Porter, demystifying myths about everything health: vitamins, supplements, obesity, smoking, organ donation, and much more.

Download this podcast on iTunesDownload this podcast from SoundCloud

#9: The BMJ podcast

The podcast from the British Medical Journal offers interviews with authors and opinion leaders in health and medicine.

Download this podcast on iTunesDownload this podcast from SoundCloud

#10: Australian Family Physician Audio (AFP)

This podcast gets a mention here because of the large amount of material still available, although it has not been updated in recent years. The podcast features interviews with authors of publications in the Australian Family Physician.

Download this podcast on iTunes

Disclaimer and disclosure notice. Follow me on Twitter: @EdwinKruys.

8 thoughts on “10 podcasts for GPs (and their patients)

  1. #5 7 and 8 are very very good. 7 and 8 have changed the way I have practiced. And that 1 and 10 get a mention makes me suspect you haven’t listened to them. I would love an Australian version of #8 even if they wouldn’t have Margaret McCartney accent !


  2. A great selection, Edwin. I listen to 8 out of 10 of these. Want to add a plug for my 2nd favourite podcast (after Justin and Liz’s GP Sceptics) IMReasoning, about clinical reasoning. It is the creation of two internal medicine physicians, Dr. Art Nahill and Dr. Nic Szecket, working in Auckland and is described as “Conversations to inspire critical thinking in clinical medicine and education”. They have found the sweet spot – demonstrating a near perfect balance between the informative and authoritative, and the entertaining and self-deprecating. Available on iTunes and all the usual podcast places.
    A must listen for physician podcast aficionados.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What do you use to listen to them Edwin? I use “Podcast Addict” app on the phone to listen in the car. iTunes occasionally at home, but most of the time its the phone now.


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