Are Atlas shingles discontinued?

So, you want to know Are Atlas shingles discontinued?

Originally marketed as an affordable architectural shingle alternative, these 3tab style shingles have been discontinued due to blistering and cracking as a result of issues with the layering effect. They are no longer on the market. What does this mean for you as a homeowner?

Where are Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles made?

Shingles featuring Scotchgard‚Ñ¢ Protector from 3M‚Ñ¢ are backed by a lifetime warranty against black stains and streaks caused by algae. Made in the U.S.A.

What is Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles?

Pinnacle Pristine Shingles This innovative technology, which includes copper-containing granules made with a proprietary 3M porous ceramic coating, allows copper ions to release slowly overtime, helping to prevent the growth of algae which causes those ugly black streaks on roofing.

Which shingles last longer?

Of the 3 types of asphalt shingles, the longest lasting are luxury (or premium) asphalt shingles. Luxury asphalt shingles are larger and thicker than 3-tab or architectural shingles, which makes them more durable.

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Which shingle is the best?

Atlas. CertainTeed. GAF. IKO. Owens Corning. TAMKO.

Is Atlas Pinnacle a Class 4 shingle?

Pinnacle® Impact shingles are manufactured with special polymers that give them a UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating — the highest rating for impact resistance in asphalt shingles — giving customers access to an affordable option in Class 4 rated products.

What are Atlas Pinnacle shingles made of?

PINNACLE PRISTINE® — THE DESIGNER PICK FROM ATLAS ARCHITECTURAL ROOFING SHINGLES. These fiberglass shingles provide the strength and warranty protection of the ProLam. But they also have a little bit better algae protection.

How much does a bundle of Atlas Pinnacle shingles weight?

One bundle of architectural shingles weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. You need 3 bundles of architectural shingles to cover one square of roofing. 60 pounds x 3 bundles per square = 180 pounds on the low end for roofing square weight.

What are the most expensive asphalt shingles?

Slate. Slate is hands down the most expensive roofing material on the market.

Are Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles Energy Star certified?

Pinnacle¬Æ Pristine Pearl shingles are Energy Star¬Æ certified. Both durable and beautiful, they reflect more of the sun’s rays ‚Äì which keeps the roof cooler, helps it last longer and lowers air conditioning costs. Limited regional availability.

What class shingle is Atlas?

Inside Class 4 Shingles Atlas uses a proprietary modified asphalt blend in the manufacturing process for its StormMaster® line of shingles, resulting in a product of superior strength that will protect your home and look good doing it.

What are the best shingles for a luxury home?

If you want to achieve luxury and elegance in your home, consider installing Owens Corning Berkshire shingles. This premium shingle creates a look as expensive as it is beautiful to behold. The price tag may seem steep, but if you compare it to the price of slate tiles, you’ll see that this option is quite affordable.

What are the cheapest shingles to buy?

Asphalt Roof Shingles. Wood Roof Shingles. Metal Roof Shingles. Slate Roof Shingles. Solar Glass Roof Shingles.

How long do shingles last?

Most cases of shingles last around two to four weeks. Treatment for shingles can include: covering the rash with clothing or a non-adherent (non-stick) dressing to reduce the risk of other people becoming infected with chickenpox – as it’s very difficult to pass the virus on to someone else if the rash is covered.

What is the best roof in the Philippines?

Slate roofs are ideal for the Philippine climates because of their durability. They can withstand heavy rains, strong winds, and extreme heat. They are also known to be fire-resistant. If you want a comfortable home during summer, go for light-colored slate tiles as they can deflect the sun’s heat.

What type of roof is best for hot climate?

Terra-Cotta Tiles and Ceramic Roofs. Concrete Tiles and Slab Roofs. EPDM Roofing Membranes. Green or “Living” Roofs.

What color roof lasts longest?

From the above information, we can conclude that color doesn’t determine the durability of shingles. Both light-colored and dark-colored shingles can last longer if given the necessary maintenance.

What color shingles are better?

If your home has a traditional look, then neutral roof shingle colors like gray, brown, or white will be best. If your home is more modern, bolder red or dark blue colors will look great. Also, make sure that whatever color you choose doesn’t clash with any other colors on the property.

What are the three types of shingles?

There are three major categories of asphalt roofing shingle products available today – strip shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles. It is important to understand the differences between each type of roofing shingle in order to pick the right product for your home.

What is the impact rating of Atlas Pinnacle?

Pinnacle® Impact shingles are manufactured with special polymers that give them a UL 2218 Class 4 impact rating — the highest rating for impact resistance in asphalt shingles — giving customers access to an affordable option in Class 4 rated products.

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