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Mandatory reporting of health professionals: has COAG delivered on its promise?

The Amendment Bill is a welcome step in the right direction, but there is room for improvement.

Doctors from overseas

About building a new life and career in Australia.

My Health Record: what’s next?

The end of the My Health Record opt-out period is in sight.

10 podcasts for GPs (and their patients)

This is my personal and favourite top 10

Pharmacists and doctors: Let’s change the script

There is always a better way.

Has Australian general practice moved one step closer to the British NHS?

The Department of Health will soon set GP quality indicators.

5 ingredients for effective collaboration

Collaboration is often talked about but not always easy to achieve.

It’s not just the My Health Record we should be concerned about

The Department of Health is on a data extraction mission.

It is time to leave the Machiavellian era of Australian healthcare behind

Who’s going to take the first step?

6 new social media road rules

Reflections on the changing nature of the social media highway.

Allegations not proven – but still published?

We need to have another long hard look at this.

How to upgrade your organisation’s tribal culture

Medicine needs more people who build bridges.

This is how your data in the My Health Record will be used

The framework for secondary use of MyHR data has been released and it is controversial.

Is community pharmacy on a road to nowhere?

Lobbying and political donations are still the norm.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too

An example of the Government wanting more for less?

It has begun: Australians will soon have a digital health record

A summary of what will happen during the opt-out period.

Is value based healthcare devaluing care?

Value is more than outcomes, says Professor Jan Kremer.

Can we deliver high value care with one eye on the clock and the other on the screen?

Our patients deserve our time.

Thank God, Australia is now licensed to ‘moisten intestines’ and ‘replenish the gates of vitality’

The TGA’s new list of permitted indications is not based on scientific evidence.

Is the medical software industry holding us back?

What’s on your wish list?