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Tribes, tribulation and the elephant in the room

Time to move to the next level.

New skills, fewer scripts and less screen time: 3 resolutions for the new year

What would Richard Branson do?

Less is more

Speech given at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) 

Where did our health data go?

A question nobody should have to ask.

Spin and misrepresentation: the toxic mix of academia and media

A worrisome trend in the reporting of academic research.

About addictive painkillers and dirty backdoor deals

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is increasingly becoming a disruptive factor in healthcare.

Same-sex marriage and the role of the GP College

Should the RACGP be advocating on a wider range of public policy issues?

Mandatory reporting of health professionals: 4 options

The Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council has come up with several new options.

Health of the Nation: good and bad news according to Australia’s GPs 

Mental health is today’s biggest health problem.

Bizarre research article about parental confidence in GPs gets a mention in ABC’s Media Watch

Media Watch sets the record straight: Parents #trustaGP

Why your GP doesn’t have a Facebook sharing attitude

Insurers should never have access to patient health records.

New study shows high parental confidence in GPs, but researchers draw bizarre conclusions

This style of reporting research findings is not helpful.

A new hope for the My Health Record?

There may be hope for Australia’s digital health record.

Promising breakthrough: dramatic miracle cure offers hope to victims

Life-changing breakthroughs in primary care do not attract much media attention.

Disruption by the after-hours industry and why you should care

It’s time to use our Medicare dollars wisely.

A victory for common sense (and patient care)

I’m pleased to see that a pathology corporate seems to follow ethical principles.

Time for real-time prescription monitoring

More people die from prescription drug overdose than traffic accidents.

Blood tests at the chemist is like getting your car serviced at the lawn mower shop

Nothing wrong with the lawn mower shop but it just isn’t the right place.

Giving effective feedback in the digital age: 10 do’s and don’ts

An honest, well-formulated feedback message can be very powerful.

No new governance model for GPs yet – Just what the doctor ordered?

In the end members have decided and that needs to be respected.