Brief history

I started Doctor’s Bag in 2012. I wanted to share my thoughts about eHealth, healthcare and general practice in particular.

A big theme in the early days was social media and blogging and how health practitioners can use these media effectively. As social media became more mainstream the focus of the blog shifted.

Through my work for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Queensland Health, medico-political and health economical themes became more prominent in the blog.

And then there is the occasional rant about the fascinating, but often toxic, interaction between Australia’s health bureaucracy, politics and commercial interests and the consequences for grassroots patient care.

Australia’s healthcare system could do with a long-term vision. We need to find an answer to the paralysing divides between private vs public, state vs commonwealth, primary care vs secondary/tertiary care, rich vs poor etc.

The influence of vested interests (including from health providers) and the political ebb and flow is often not in the best interest of Australians in need of care.

Thanks for following and/or visiting. I hope you enjoy Doctor’s Bag!

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