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My Health Record: what’s next?

The end of the My Health Record opt-out period is in sight.

Has Australian general practice moved one step closer to the British NHS?

The Department of Health will soon set GP quality indicators.

It’s not just the My Health Record we should be concerned about

The Department of Health is on a data extraction mission.

This is how your data in the My Health Record will be used

The framework for secondary use of MyHR data has been released and it is controversial.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too

An example of the Government wanting more for less?

It has begun: Australians will soon have a digital health record

A summary of what will happen during the opt-out period.

Is the medical software industry holding us back?

What’s on your wish list?

Where did our health data go?

A question nobody should have to ask.

A new hope for the My Health Record?

There may be hope for Australia’s digital health record.

Time for real-time prescription monitoring

More people die from prescription drug overdose than traffic accidents.

The doctor will see you… never. Issues with online referral services.

A new telehealth referral service raises many serious questions.

E-health warning: cliff edge ahead

The National eHealth strategy is getting closer and closer to that big, overhanging cliff.

Brand new eHealth strategy doomed to fail

Alas, another missed opportunity to increase the uptake of eHealth by doctors.

Online therapy? Not so crazy after all

Internet therapy for many mental health problems actually works.

The Danish health IT solution: small-scale brilliance

GP Daniel Byrne explains why Denmark is one of the world leaders in the use e-health.

Is this the e-health breakthrough we’ve been waiting for?

The Australian Government is considering major legislative changes to the PCEHR.

Warning: digital challenges ahead

Is Australia ready for the new digital technologies in healthcare?

The e-health challenge: An interview with NEHTA Chair Dr Steve Hambleton

I had the privilege to speak with the Chairman of the NEHTA Board about the e-health challenge.

Rebooting the PCEHR: Opt-out and a new name are not enough

Although I like the word ‘rebooted’, many questions remain.

Why doctors still can’t email your health record

Secure electronic transfer of medical records between practices has become an urgent national priority.