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If you’re interested in health apps, you may find Physitrack useful

A smartphone app that allows health providers to prescribe over 1,000 clearly narrated exercise videos.

The rise of low cost medical tech

Low-cost open source medical technology has the potential to disrupt the healthcare IT industry.

7 simple strategies to avoid e-health disasters

An insider’s look in the health IT industry, and 7 tips to avoid disappointment when implementing software.

This is why I will not use the PCEHR

The conclusion of the latest PCEHR review is disappointing: It appears that the national e-health record system has not yet moved beyond the pilot stage.

Software glitches: Are you keeping your head cool?

Why is the healthcare industry prone to so many software problems? In this post I’m having a great chat with Sydney professor Enrico Coiera.

The Australian PCEHR: Success or failure?

Where are we at with the PCEHR? I asked four leaders in the field about their thoughts: Has it been a success or a failure?

How one GP gives his patients access to their electronic health records

Around the world there are several projects going that allow patients to get access to their records, and UK Doctor Amir Hannan is one of the trail blazers.

How to get doctors to use eHealth

There is the perception that doctors are resistant to change, such as the introduction of eHealth in their practices. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Should consumers have online access to their health records?

Online access to electronic health records will boost transparency. It will change the interaction between consumers and practitioners and may improve quality of care.

Can health consumers trust us with their private data?

“Cybercrime is a systemic risk and is potentially the next black swan event.” Advancing technology in healthcare is exciting but creates challenges at the same time.

Participatory healthcare has only just begun

Health consumers are getting smarter and better organised, using the latest digital technologies. Are health professionals keeping up?

Is the new eRx electronic prescription service beneficial to consumers?

Another eHealth initiative with issues…

E-health: We need enlightened leadership more than ever

In the Midwest (WA) we looked at an alternative to the PCEHR: a shared electronic health record not owned and operated by the government. This seemed like a good solution as it would solve some of the problems health professionals have with the PCEHR, including secondary use of the uploaded information (data mining) by the government. I wrote […]
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A cool electronic conference tool

The Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference (TCT) is the world’s largest educational meeting specialising in interventional vascular medicine. I only know this because I came across a tweet from cardiologist Dr Oscar Mendiz, who shared this cool picture while he was attending the conference in San Francisco. His comment: “TCT 2013 has changed medical meeting for […]
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Does the PCEHR meet the GP Data Governance Council criteria?

The General Practice Data Governance Council is “committed to profession-led governance regarding the issues of data collection activities in general practice,” in particular secondary use of patient data generated through clinical care delivery to patients. GPs and consumers have voiced concerns with regards to secondary use of data uploaded to the PCEHR, so I thought it […]
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The PCEHR: Moving forward

I can confirm that the Government is not going to build a massive data repository. We don’t believe it would deliver any additional benefits to clinicians or patients – and it creates unnecessary risks (~Nicola Roxon) I’ve studied the PCEHR but I’m still not sure what the government has built and for what purposes. I […]
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7 online safety tips for doctors

It is good to see that social media and eHealth are becoming mainstream topics at national health conferences. At the recent GP Education & Training Conference in Perth (GPET13) I attended two workshops about our professional online presence. The first one was about the benefits of social media and was attended by GP supervisors, registrars […]
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How to save the PCEHR

The resignation of NEHTA’s top National Clinical Leads in August 2013 was the final straw for the PCEHR. I have said it before and I will say it again: if clinicians are not on board the PCEHR will fail. There are some big decisions to make by the relevant authorities if they want to save […]
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Consumer’s opinion of the PCEHR

It is not easy to find balanced information about the PCEHR. For that reason I welcome the information prepared by the Australian Privacy Foundation. The APF has been an advocate for privacy protections, representing the public interest to governments, corporations and industry associations. The APF has always strongly supported eHealth, but in a press release […]
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NEHTA visit: not exactly Khrushchev vs Kennedy

My email inbox was overflowing, there were text messages wishing me good luck, journos calling and a press photographer was rocking up at the practice. On Twitter NEHTA’s visit had been dubbed ‘Khrushchev vs Kennedy’, others said that Geraldton was like the little Astrix & Obelix village, resisting the mighty Roman legions of Julius Caesar […]
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