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Online therapy? Not so crazy after all

Internet therapy for many mental health problems actually works.

Your GP and Dr Google: a good team

A list of trustworthy websites containing useful general information about common health problems

5 questions to ask your doctor (before you get any test or treatment)

I’d encourage everyone to ask these questions.

Spotlight on wellness warriors: What you need to know

Although I understand the power of hope in life & death, it sometimes comes at a cost.

Doctor, do I have to stay on these medications?

A summary of the why, when and how to stop long-term medications.

6 warning signs that online health information may be unreliable

Do you know how to differentiate between good and bad online health information? Here are 6 warning signs that will help you stay clear from quackery sites.

6 great podcasts for primary care

  Here are six free podcasts made with tender loving care by a variety of people and organisations. I enjoy listening to these online broadcasts because they are relevant to my daily work in general practice. I download the episodes on my iPhone at home when I’m on WiFi – and listen on the way […]
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Why the doctor doesn’t want to ask about your drinking

“It is socially unacceptable to say you’re a heavy drinker, but it is actually socially acceptable to be a heavy drinker.” This interesting quote from a GP came out of a research project by Dr Michael Tam, GP at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine in Sydney. It may explain why GPs feel […]
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Why we vaccinate: amazing figures from Australia

These graphs show what happens to the number of deaths when we start vaccinating. The red arrow indicates when vaccines were introduced in Australia. The take-home message: vaccines save lives.  

2×5 questions you should ask your doctor

Patients usually visit a doctor to find an answer to two main questions: 1. What’s the cause of my symptoms? (Diagnosis) 2. What can be done about it? (Treatment) There are a 5 simple questions you can ask your doctor about the diagnosis and 5 questions about the treatment, to be better informed, and get the […]
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5 things to remember before a doctor’s visit

It happens regularly: people visit a doctor but have difficulty providing essential details about their health. The most common reason is probably that people don’t realise what information we need to help them. Example: it is difficult to write out a script if I don’t know what allergies someone has. Sometimes people incorrectly assume that all information is always at […]
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