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Overcoming tribalism in healthcare – opening speech at #iGP16

If we want the future to be different, we should do things differently.

If only we worked together instead of competing

Governments play different GP groups off against each other; that’s one reason why we need more unity.

Rest In Peace, BEACH

The government has decided to stop investing in primary care research.

Why we need to get over the Medicare Locals disappointment

There are many opportunities for PHNs to support general practice.

How should Primary Health Networks support GPs?

There is an enormous opportunity for Primary Health Networks to add value.

Two wonderful videos featuring rural doctors and their patients

Warning: After watching these videos you may feel the sudden urge to pack your bags and move to the country.

Continuity of care is more than just a catchphrase

Not good: many proposals, trials and projects create fragmented health care.

Why everybody has an opinion about their GP

If you want to find out what really happens in my office, have a look at this 60-second video.

The family doctor – old-fashioned or the key to a healthy future? (Part 2)

In part 2: Why receiving care from one GP is beneficial for patients and communities.

The family doctor – old-fashioned or the key to a healthy future? (Part 1)

Is the family doctor who provides continuity of care a dying breed?

What exactly do you mean when you talk about integrated health services?

Integration has been described as the holy grail of healthcare; but what is it and how do we achieve it?

The baby, the bathwater and a better health system

The Australian fee-for-system hasn’t done a bad job.

Do we trust our doctors? Why UK-style revalidation in Australia would be a big mistake

Revalidation will be easier and cheaper if we use existing quality assurance systems.

Our story, our vision – the future of general practice

The vision for a sustainable healthcare system and general practice as released at GP15 in Melbourne.

Competency checks on doctors could become a costly mistake

A new revalidation system without supportive evidence may become the next expensive failure in Australian healthcare.

The joys of pay for performance

Performance based payment of doctors is not without risks…

5 reasons why the Medicare rebate freeze is bad policy

As we speak, around Australia GP practices are increasing their fees…

What health consumers want: interview with Leanne Wells

Health consumerism around the world is changing, says the new CEO of the Consumers Health Forum.

The Danish health IT solution: small-scale brilliance

GP Daniel Byrne explains why Denmark is one of the world leaders in the use e-health.

A painful topic: what doctors need to know (according to patients)

Doctors beware: don’t expect flattery…