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The new reality show for doctors: RACGP’s own Q&A

An innovative concept by the Royal Australian College of GPs.

Why your GP is so cost-effective

I came across this joke on Facebook. It’s very applicable to general practice!

The problem with ‘record-high’ bulk billing rates

Bulk billing statistics only tell part of the story.

Please don’t ruin our holiday again, Tony

Before Christmas – just as I was about to pack my suitcase – the Prime Minister dropped a bomb.

The Dutton promise

A truly remarkable speech by the Hon Peter Dutton MP…

9 reasons why GPs are being screwed by government

The government’s revised co-payment plan will alienate GPs and shift costs instead of making real savings. Sadly, it does not make healthcare more efficient.

Co-payments, and why they’re not always appropriate

Although there’s nothing wrong with co-payments in general, some groups should be excluded from paying co-payments when they visit their healthcare providers. Co-payments are not always appropriate.

Everything you always wanted to know about bulk billing (Video)

My patients often ask: “Doctor, do you  bulk bill?” and “Why do I have to pay a gap?” Although there are certainly circumstances where I bulk bill, it has many risks. Lowering the quality of Australian Family Doctor services is one them. In this video I have tried to explain how it all works.

I received this email from a colleague today

“Accreditation, afterhours health phone lines, medicare locals probably even superclinics all thrust on us with no evidence they make any difference to health outcomes, and costing huge amounts of taxpayers money. In the case of accreditation a lot of a small business’ money , time and resources. Mmmm, I have always believed that general practice is […]
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Bulk billing + low rebates: penny wise, pound foolish

The Government is pleased bulk billing rates for GP services have reached record highs,” said Health Minister Ms Plibersek in May this year. This comment shows that the minister doesn’t understand general practice. It is in line with earlier comments when she stated that GPs receiving $300,000 a year from Medicare were earning a reasonable […]
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