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Has Australian general practice moved one step closer to the British NHS?

The Department of Health will soon set GP quality indicators.

It’s not just the My Health Record we should be concerned about

The Department of Health is on a data extraction mission.

Where did our health data go?

A question nobody should have to ask.

Brand new eHealth strategy doomed to fail

Alas, another missed opportunity to increase the uptake of eHealth by doctors.

The PCEHR: Moving forward

I can confirm that the Government is not going to build a massive data repository. We don’t believe it would deliver any additional benefits to clinicians or patients – and it creates unnecessary risks (~Nicola Roxon) I’ve studied the PCEHR but I’m still not sure what the government has built and for what purposes. I […]
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How to save the PCEHR

The resignation of NEHTA’s top National Clinical Leads in August 2013 was the final straw for the PCEHR. I have said it before and I will say it again: if clinicians are not on board the PCEHR will fail. There are some big decisions to make by the relevant authorities if they want to save […]
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