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Tribes, tribulation and the elephant in the room

Time to move to the next level.

Here’s a challenge for the Pharmacy Guild

I’d like to take the Pharmacy Guild up on their suggestion to collaborate.

We told you so: Ignoring primary care is never a good idea

It appears that many voters have taken this message to the polling booths…

The new reality show for doctors: RACGP’s own Q&A

An innovative concept by the Royal Australian College of GPs.

The problem with ‘record-high’ bulk billing rates

Bulk billing statistics only tell part of the story.

Why doctors will stop bulk billing

Many practices will soon have to determine a fair and equitable fee based on increasing practice costs.

Warning: Dear patients, you’ve been targeted!

The next Australian government must invest in quality and sustainable general practice services for the health of all Australians!

Overcoming tribalism in healthcare – opening speech at #iGP16

If we want the future to be different, we should do things differently.

E-health warning: cliff edge ahead

The National eHealth strategy is getting closer and closer to that big, overhanging cliff.

The family doctor – old-fashioned or the key to a healthy future? (Part 1)

Is the family doctor who provides continuity of care a dying breed?

Do we trust our doctors? Why UK-style revalidation in Australia would be a big mistake

Revalidation will be easier and cheaper if we use existing quality assurance systems.

An easy introduction to Twitter

A guide for new Twitter users.

Competency checks on doctors could become a costly mistake

A new revalidation system without supportive evidence may become the next expensive failure in Australian healthcare.

The joys of pay for performance

Performance based payment of doctors is not without risks…

Top Australian GP Bloggers 2015

The 2015 list of amazing Australian GP Bloggers.

A painful topic: what doctors need to know (according to patients)

Doctors beware: don’t expect flattery…

Why doctors should work closer with patient organisations

We must harness the potential power of the patient–doctor alliance to protect what’s good in health care.

5 questions to ask your doctor (before you get any test or treatment)

I’d encourage everyone to ask these questions.

Should health professionals discuss patients online? (poll)

Take the poll now!

It’s time we cut all this red tape ourselves

My call to action to colleagues, the colleges and the AMA is simple: please make things easier for all parties involved.