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Health of the Nation: good and bad news according to Australia’s GPs 

Mental health is today’s biggest health problem.

Blood tests at the chemist is like getting your car serviced at the lawn mower shop

Nothing wrong with the lawn mower shop but it just isn’t the right place.

We told you so: Ignoring primary care is never a good idea

It appears that many voters have taken this message to the polling booths…

The new reality show for doctors: RACGP’s own Q&A

An innovative concept by the Royal Australian College of GPs.

Why your GP is so cost-effective

I came across this joke on Facebook. It’s very applicable to general practice!

The problem with ‘record-high’ bulk billing rates

Bulk billing statistics only tell part of the story.

Why doctors will stop bulk billing

Many practices will soon have to determine a fair and equitable fee based on increasing practice costs.

How safe is the patient safety net?

When co-payments for medications increase, more people stop their treatment

How to save general practice – the billion dollar question

How do we convince Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton there are better ways to save health dollars?

The Dutton promise

A truly remarkable speech by the Hon Peter Dutton MP…

9 reasons why GPs are being screwed by government

The government’s revised co-payment plan will alienate GPs and shift costs instead of making real savings. Sadly, it does not make healthcare more efficient.

Bulk billing + low rebates: penny wise, pound foolish

The Government is pleased bulk billing rates for GP services have reached record highs,” said Health Minister Ms Plibersek in May this year. This comment shows that the minister doesn’t understand general practice. It is in line with earlier comments when she stated that GPs receiving $300,000 a year from Medicare were earning a reasonable […]
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