What does the device protection plan cover?

So, you want to know What does the device protection plan cover?

Basic phones covered. Loss, theft, unrecoverable, and damage. Drops, spills, cracked screens. Mechanical and electrical malfunctions.

How long do I have to return a phone to US Cellular?

15-Day Return Policy The same applies to devices purchased at UScellular ®. Return or exchange within 15 days in like-new condition with original packaging, battery, accessories and other materials. A small $35 restocking fee per item applies.

Can I put my US Cellular SIM card in another phone?

You will receive a confirmation message if the device you chose is compatible with our network. Next, select a SIM card option to use with your device. “I will use the SIM card from my previous device.” Use this option if you would like to transfer the SIM card from your old device to your preferred device.

How much is the activation fee for UScellular?

when you switch to UScellular®. $30 Device Activation Fee applies (excludes online purchases). Paid via virtual promo card. New line, postpaid Unlimited Evolved service plan, paperless billing, eligible smartphone and credit approval required.

What does the device protection plan cover Related Questions

Does insurance cover broken phone?

Cell phones are usually covered by renters or homeowners insurance policies under the ‚Äúpersonal property coverage‚Äù part of your policy. Retail phone protection plans might cover accidental damage, but probably won’t cover theft.

What is screen protection plan?

Screen Damage Protection Plan (‚ÄúPlan‚Äù) This accidental screen damage protection governs the support process for screen (also referred to as display, touch screen, touch panel) damages to Device sold by its manufacturer’s official sales channels/retailers in India and in its original packaging.

Does US Cellular pay off your old phone?

At UScellular TM, you can trade in your old device and get up to $500 with the Trade-In Program. Visit a store and receive immediate value for your device where you can spend it on whatever you want, including using it toward a new phone, accessory, or to lower your bill.

How much does it cost to cancel US Cellular contract?

initial term (subject to a prorated $150 Early Termination Fee for basic phones, modems and hotspot devices and a $350 Early Termination Fee for Smartphones and Tablets) and credit approval required. See uscellular.com/legal for proration details.

How much is a phone restocking fee?

According to Consumer Reports, restocking fees typically represent 15% to 20% of the item’s original purchase price. However, some companies may charge more or less depending upon individual policies.

Who owns US Cellular?

U.S. Cellular

What carrier is compatible with US Cellular?

Since U.S. Cellular’s primary network only covers 10.27% of the lower 48 states, they partner with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to provide you with solid coverage. Because of this, you’ll receive some of the benefits of these networks as well.

Will US Cellular accept unlocked phones?

Then, make sure your compatible device is unlocked. You’ll have to contact your current carrier before cancelling your existing service. UScellular can’t unlock devices from other carriers and your device has to be unlocked before activation on the UScellular network.

How much is a late fee for US Cellular?

Payments are late if not received by UScellular by the due date shown on the monthly bill. We may charge a late fee of up to $5.00 for each late payment or 1.5 percent a month or part thereof (18% annually or the highest rate permitted by applicable state law) for any amount not paid when due, whichever is greater.

Why pay activation fee?

The fee is intended to compensate for a company’s expenses associated with setting up the account. Activation fees from wireless carriers typically range from $20‚Äì60, but you can often get them waived when you sign up for a cell phone plan online.

What is the activation cost?

Activation Costs means the Seller’s good faith estimate of the aggregate backhaul costs, costs relating to carrying network traffic on the PC-1 system and the costs of using network facilities not owned by the Seller or any Acquired Subsidiary, to the extent the same are expected by the Seller to be incurred by the …

Is a cracked screen covered under insurance?

Check your warranty and insurance Nearly all breakages occur due to accidental damage, which means you’ll only be covered for repair or replacement if you have phone insurance.

Does insurance cover screen damage?

What does phone insurance cover? Mobile phone insurance is designed to protect your phone against common situations that might happen. Most standard policies cover: Accidental damage – If you accidentally damage your phone, including cracking your screen, your insurer will pay for repairs or to replace it.

Does a phone warranty cover a cracked screen?

A standard phone manufacturer warranty does not cover accidental damage. That means if you damage the phone yourself, any repair or replacement costs will not be covered by the manufacturer and you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. A manufacturer warranty also does not cover damage from unauthorized modifications.

What is free screen replacement plan?

What is Free Screen Replacement Program? Free Screen Replacement program insures your phone’s screen till 30th June’2020. Under this offer, if your phone’s screen is accidently damaged, you can get the same replaced free of cost.

What is the accidental damage warranty?

Accidental damage from handling refers to a type of product protection plan that covers accidents and breakage that the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty might not cover. Accidental damage can cover things like breakage, cracks, rips, or liquid damage.

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