Will a Jitterbug phone work on the Consumer Cellular network?

So, you want to know Will a Jitterbug phone work on the Consumer Cellular network?

The regular price of the Jitterbug Flip2 is $99.99. The phone can be used only with lively service, which operates on the Verizon network.

What carrier supports Jitterbug?

Jitterbug uses Verizon towers, but you don’t need to be a Verizon customer. With a network that big, you’ll have cell service throughout most of the US. Unlike Verizon’s usual service, you won’t need to sign a long-term contract to use Jitterbug to make a phone call or text.

Is any phone compatible with Consumer Cellular?

We make it easy for you to connect a device you already own to Consumer Cellular service. Your phone will either need a SIM card or an eSIM. To be activated on our service, your phone must be unlocked by your previous carrier, and be compatible with GSM network technology.

Can I put my SIM card in a Jitterbug phone?

A SIM card slot and an SD card slot are both found beneath the back cover with the battery.

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What is the downside to the Jitterbug phone?

Jitterbug Cons: Phone batteries typically don’t last for more than a day without being recharged. Devices are not waterproof. No options are available for landline users. Choosing between multiple text, voice and data packages can get confusing.

Are Jitterbug phones being discontinued?

A network shutdown has some people upset because it’s impacting their cell phone service and ability to make calls. The Jitterbug Flip phones stopped working for some of its customers shortly after the start of 2023 after a planned shutdown of Verizon Communications Inc.’s 3G network on Dec.

Can lively phones be used with other carriers?

Lively phones were specifically designed to work on the Lively network which is powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network. Lively’s award winning U.S. based support and Urgent Response service is only available on the Lively network.

What company owns Jitterbug?


What towers does Consumer Cellular use?

In the United States, Consumer Cellular utilizes AT&T and T-Mobile for their primary nationwide wireless networks. In addition to these primary networks, Consumer Cellular also says they engage third party providers to help fill in gaps where AT&T and T-Mobile do not provide coverage.

Why wont my phone work with Consumer Cellular?

Make sure your phone’s power is on and the battery is charged. Make sure your phone is displaying a network name and that you are receiving a signal. Verify that you have dialed the number correctly by clearing the screen on your phone and attempting the call again. Make sure you dial the area code + number.

Who owns Consumer Cellular company?

John Marick and Greg Pryor founded Consumer Cellular in 1995 with a goal of providing low-cost service to casual mobile users of all ages.

Can I keep my same phone number if I get a Jitterbug phone?

Lively allows you the option to retain and transfer your existing cell phone or home phone number to your new Jitterbug phone, providing that number is still available at the time you make the request. Just contact our Sales team at 866-366-3090 to confirm your number is eligible for transfer.

How do you set up a Jitterbug phone?

Step 1: Visit lively.com/activate. Step 2: Follow instructions online to select your plan and activate your phone. Refer to the side of your Jitterbug® Flip2 box for the IMEI number. Discounted $25 activation charge.

Does Jitterbug work without wifi?

Keep in mind that the Jitterbug Flip2 does not support data plans. That means you can use the phone for talk and text as well as other Lively services that don’t require internet.

Can you use WhatsApp on Jitterbug phone?

The Jitterbug Smart3 phone has the Google Play store available where you can download apps such as YouTube, WhatsApp and a variety of other apps.

What is best phone for seniors?

Best Smartphones for Seniors of 2023. Apple Iphone 13. Motorola Moto G Power. Nokia XR20. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Google Pixel 7. Motorola Edge. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.

Is Jitterbug made by Samsung?

Samsung Jitterbug 5 Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

Is Jitterbug a Samsung?

Best Buy: GreatCall Jitterbug Samsung Touch3 4G Prepaid Cell Phone Gray GREAT CALL JITTERBUG TOUCH 3 G.

Does Verizon own Jitterbug?

Jitterbug is its own service plan – you must pay them monthly for their phone services.

Can you put any SIM card into any phone?

Can You Put Any SIM Card Into an Unlocked Phone? When you have an unlocked phone, you can use any SIM card. Prior to the invention of 4G LTE, networks were split between GSM and CDMA operators. Now, since the introduction of 4G LTE phones, new iPhones and Android devices are compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks.

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