Can I put a Consumer Cellular SIM card in any phone?

So, you want to know Can I put a Consumer Cellular SIM card in any phone?

We make it easy for you to connect a device you already own to Consumer Cellular service. Your phone will either need a SIM card or an eSIM. To be activated on our service, your phone must be unlocked by your previous carrier, and be compatible with GSM network technology.

Can you buy a SIM card in a shop?

Getting a SIM card is quick and painless. You can buy one online or in a mobile phone shop.

Does Consumer Cellular work outside the US?

Refer to the International Roaming table below for the costs to place calls while travelling outside the U.S. Your Consumer Cellular Connect plan includes unlimited text messaging. However, text messages sent to an international phone number will incur a $0.05 per message charge.

What network is Consumer Cellular compatible with?

Consumer Cellular operates on two different networks: AT&T and T-Mobile. Select the network you’re using below to access the settings that need to be installed in your phone. If you’re unsure which network you’re using, please feel free to contact us at (888) 345-5509.

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How do I get a new SIM card from Consumer Cellular?

So if you want to use our service with a cell phone that isn’t in our lineup, give us a call at 888-345-5509 and we’ll send you a free SIM card. We’ll even pay for the shipping. Once you receive your new SIM card, watch our brief video on inserting a Dual SIM card or our brief video on inserting a standard SIM card.

How do I activate my Consumer Cellular SIM?

Visit or call (888) 345-5509 to activate your phone.

How much does a SIM card cost?

Typical price for an airport SIM is in the range of ‚Çπ500-1000 including some airtime and data worth of about ‚Çπ250 (as a 2 GB per day plan for 28 days). As the max. sales price for a starter is quite lower, this includes a premium of ‚Çπ100-500 for the vendor.

Can you order just a SIM card?

You can buy a sim card in the US, simply picking one up from a store when you land in the US.

What documents do I need to buy a SIM card?

Documents Required Identity proof documents such as Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, etc. Address proof documents such as Passport, Electricity bill, Voter ID Card, Driving License, etc.

Who owns Consumer Cellular company?

John Marick and Greg Pryor founded Consumer Cellular in 1995 with a goal of providing low-cost service to casual mobile users of all ages.

Does Consumer Cellular connect to the Internet?

Here’s an easy way to make the cellular data on your Consumer Cellular Connect plan go even further: connect to Wi-Fi! These days, Wi-Fi networks are available almost anywhere‚Äîshops, restaurants, hotels, libraries, and even airports offer it. You can often stay connected to Wi-Fi all day long!

Is Consumer Cellular U.S. based?

More than 25 years later, we’re the wireless provider of choice to more than four million subscribers nationwide. We remain 100% U.S. based, and have been recognized for providing the best customer experience in the business in independent surveys conducted by J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine and others.

Is Consumer Cellular a prepaid?

Consumer Cellular is a postpaid wireless provider that caters to the value-minded shopper. Use the table below to see how the carrier stacks up against prepaid providers.

Can I keep my same phone number if I switch to Consumer Cellular?

If you’re considering switching to Consumer Cellular and wondering if you can keep your phone number, let us provide some reassurance. In short, yes! It’s not only possible but really quite simple to move service over to Consumer Cellular while holding onto the number you’ve used for years.

Why can’t I make calls on my Consumer Cellular phone?

I can’t place or receive calls. Make sure your phone’s power is on and the battery is charged. Make sure your phone is displaying a network name and that you are receiving a signal. Verify that you have dialed the number correctly by clearing the screen on your phone and attempting the call again.

Will any unlocked phone work with Consumer Cellular?

Yes, you can bring your own phone to Consumer Cellular! Like most MVNOs, Consumer Cellular lets you bring your device that’s unlocked and compatible with its parent carriers, AT&T or T-Mobile.

Can anyone get Consumer Cellular?

Is Consumer Cellular right for you? Consumer Cellular may be aimed at older people, but it’s really meant for anyone who needs 10 GB or less data each month. And if you ever need more data (or less), you can change your plan at a moment’s notice since Consumer Cellular doesn’t make you sign a contract.

Will an AT&T SIM card work in a Consumer Cellular phone?

Yes, you or the sales desk can take the sim card out of your old phone and put it into the phone and it automatically puts it on your existing AT&T account.

Is Consumer Cellular for seniors only?

Consumer Cellular Plan Details. There is no designated “senior plan” from Consumer Cellular since every plan is designed to benefit older adults. After all, the most basic plan is $20 per month, which is very affordable compared to other major carriers.

Does Consumer Cellular charge an activation fee?

What is the activation fee? Most cellphone companies apply activation fees to offset the cost of activating and programing the phone through their system. Consumer Cellular has free activation for all our phones.

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