What foods cause diarrhea in guinea pigs?

So, you want to know What foods cause diarrhea in guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can get diarrhea from: Dietary imbalance, including too many carbohydrates, too many fresh greens, too many treats, or not enough fiber. Recent antibiotics, especially those used to treat gram-positive bacteria (like penicillin)

Can carrots give guinea pigs diarrhea?

The high fiber content of carrots immensely helps your guinea pig’s digestive system by preventing constipation and diarrhea.

What vegetables are bad for guinea pigs?

Vegetables to avoid include: iceberg lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, and broccoli. Guinea pigs should eat a few types of vegetables regularly and new veggies should be introduced into the diet gradually to avoid diarrhea, bloat, and an upset tummy. Fruits should only comprise about 5% of the cavy’s daily dietary intake.

Can lettuce cause diarrhea in guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat all varieties of lettuce except iceberg. The high water content in lettuce can cause diarrhea in some guinea pigs, so feed in reasonable amounts.

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What can I give my guinea pig to stop diarrhea?

For more serious diarrhoea, stop all veg, give one Buscopan from the chemist, daily for two days, crushed with a little water to relax the gut. Give a probiotic from the vet until the poops have started to firm up. Offer hay and dry feed only.

What causes wet poop in guinea pigs?

An imbalance of good bacteria in the gut, hypovitaminosis, excess water, and a lack of fiber can cause stools to be runny.

Can cucumber cause diarrhea in guinea pigs?

Unfortunately, that applies to cucumbers for guinea pigs. Consuming too much of it can upset a piggy’s stomach and lead to diarrhea, which can cause dehydration!

What veggies can guinea pigs eat everyday?

Vegetables. Your guinea pigs should have fresh, washed leafy greens or weeds each day, such as kale or broccoli, which are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Guinea pigs don’t naturally eat fruit or root vegetables, but you can give them in small amounts as treats, such as small pieces of carrot or an apple quarter.

What is the healthiest vegetable for guinea pigs?

Vegetables like red or green pepper and broccoli have high levels of vitamin C in them and are great daily options. Add carrots, zucchini, tomato or sweet potato once or twice a week.

What is toxic food list for guinea pigs?

Pet shop treats such as yoghurt drops, chew bars etc are very fattening and can contribute to poor dental health. Avocado. Buttercup leaves and flowers can cause extreme discomfort and in some cases be fatal. Foxglove. Ragwort. Ivy. Privet. Holly.

Why can’t guinea pigs eat celery?

Risks of celery for guinea pigs Also, since celery is high in oxalates, eating too much can lead to bladder stones or urinary tract infections in your guinea pig.

Can bananas cause diarrhea for guinea pigs?

The disadvantages: Unfortunately, there are also a few reasons that bananas should be fed only as a treat, or perhaps never fed to your guinea pig. For starters, bananas are loaded with sugar, which can give them an upset stomach or diarrhea shortly after eating, whilst promoting obesity and diabetes in the long term.

Why can’t guinea pigs have romaine lettuce?

What are the downsides about lettuce for guinea pigs? With any food that contains calcium, regardless of the amount, overconsumption can lead to the risk of the formation of bladder stones. It’s important to monitor your guinea pig’s urine in order to decide what is too much for them!

Why can’t guinea pigs eat cabbage?

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks of feeding your guinea pig cabbage. Bloating and diarrhea can occur from overfeeding them cabbage because of the excess fiber. This can create some pain in discomfort in their digestive system. Urinary infections and kidney stones can also occur because of the calcium content.

Can guinea pigs get sick from a dirty cage?

Dirty cages can be a life-threatening health hazard Guinea pigs should never be sitting in wet bedding or wet fleece.

Why is my guinea pigs poop slimy?

Gastrointestinal parasites or abnormal physiology of the hindgut leading to impacted material in the cecum can also lead to mucous in the stools. If you notice more than a few poops covered in mucous its always best to get your vet’s advice.

Can guinea pigs drink anything but water?

Fresh, clean water with nothing added is the best drink for guinea pigs. But why can’t guinea pigs have other drinks? It’s unhealthy for guinea pigs to ingest high sugar, high salt, or high fat drinks. That eliminates soda, juice, dairy, sport drinks, and others.

Why is my guinea pigs poop not solid?

Poops that are in the shape of a tear drop can be a sign that your guinea pig has an issue with their gut. Fiber is an essential part of every guinea pig’s diet, so if you start seeing teardrop poops, your guinea pig may not be eating enough.

What are the symptoms of bacterial infection in guinea pigs?

Infected guinea pigs may stop eating, have discharge from the eyes or nose, sneeze, or have trouble breathing. Cultures of the eye and nasal discharge can be taken to identify the causative organism so that the appropriate antibiotics can be prescribed.

What foods are high in fiber for guinea pigs?

Hay should be the main source of fiber. It should be offered ad libitum and available at all times. Hay can come from many types of plants and not all hays offer the same nutritional value. Grass hay such as Timothy or Brome is ideal.

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