Which of the following best describes cellular respiration quizlet?

So, you want to know Which of the following best describes cellular respiration quizlet?

Which statement best describes cellular respiration? It is the release of stored chemical energy in food to produce ATP.

Which statement is true about cellular respiration quizlet?

Which is a similarity between alcohol fermentation and aerobic respiration? Both start with glycolysis. Which statement about cellular respiration is true? It is used by every living cell.

How do you describe cellular respiration in words?

Cellular respiration is the process that occurs in the mitochondria of organisms (animals and plants) to break down sugar in the presence of oxygen to release energy in the form of ATP. This process releases carbon dioxide and water as waste products.

Which of the following statements is true regarding cellular respiration?

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer C. You can obtain energy from both proteins and fat even though the initial energy expenditure is much.

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Which one statement is not correct for cellular respiration?

Answer: (c) Oxygen is used and is liberated is not correct about cellular respiration.

Which of the following is not true about cellular respiration?

Glucose is not a product of cellular respiration. During cellular respiration, glucose is oxidized to yield the products water, carbon dioxide, and ATP.

Which describes the process of cellular respiration quizlet?

Describe the process of cellular respiration. It is the process that releases energy by breaking down food molecules in the presence of oxygen. The equation is: oxygen + glucose ‚Üí carbon dioxide + water + energy.

Why is it called cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration works either in the presence or absence of oxygen. But essentially, the process is called cellular respiration because the cell seems to “respire” in a way that it takes in molecular oxygen (as an electron acceptor) and releases carbon dioxide (as an end product).

What happens cellular respiration?

During cellular respiration, a glucose molecule is gradually broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Along the way, some ATP is produced directly in the reactions that transform glucose. Much more ATP, however, is produced later in a process called oxidative phosphorylation.

What is required for cellular respiration?

The raw materials required for aerobic cellular respiration are respiratory substrates (glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, or organic acids) and oxygen but in the case of anaerobic respiration raw material is respiratory substrate only.

Which statement is most true about cellular respiration and photosynthesis?

The correct option is c. The process of photosynthesis results in the evolution of oxygen.

What is an example of a cellular respiration?

An example of cellular respiration in plants is the use of photoautotrophic processes to obtain the glucose needed for cellular respiration. This means that plants can use the light energy they acquire from the sun to yield glucose and oxygen.

What type of reaction is cellular respiration?

The reactions of cellular respiration are catabolic reactions. In catabolic reactions, bonds are broken in larger molecules and energy is released. In cellular respiration, bonds are broken in glucose, and this releases the chemical energy that was stored in the glucose bonds.

What is another name for cellular respiration?

synonyms: internal respiration, respiration. type of: metabolic process, metabolism.

Which of the following is not part of cellular respiration *?

Final answer: Oxygen is not a product of respiration.

Which process does not occur in cellular respiration *?

Fermentation. Without oxygen, pyruvate (pyruvic acid) is not metabolized by cellular respiration but undergoes a process of fermentation.

Where does respiration process occur?

While most aerobic respiration (with oxygen) takes place in the cell’s mitochondria, and anaerobic respiration (without oxygen) takes place within the cell’s cytoplasm.

Which of the following are made by cellular respiration?

The products of cellular respiration are carbon dioxide, ATP, and water.

Which of the following is a product of cellular respiration?

The products of cellular respiration are carbon dioxide and water.

Which of the following accurately describes respiration?

The correct option is b. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water and also energy.

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